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Fast and Natural Ways to Lose Weight with Coffee

Quick and Natural Ways to Lose Weight with Coffee The more advanced technology lifestyle becomes more modern. It is one of the triggers of the growing obesity problem, especially in big cities. Obesity or overweight is a very harmful thing, the article is not only disturbed appearance but health will be affected badly. Well, do not be surprised if many people who take various ways to overcome the problem of obesity, whether it is by taking slimming drugs, do sports hard or with a strict diet. How the diet is generally very torturous, for that you must be careful in choosing a diet method that you will do. How a natural diet can be the right choice to overcome obesity problems that you experience. The natural diet is one of them with a coffee diet.

Diet coffee is one way diet that aims to eliminate fat by entering coffee in the diet. As we have seen, coffee is a caffeine-containing minuam. Caffeine contained in the coffee can help our body in improving the process of metabolism, so that the calories burned in the body will be more and more. The use of caffeine for the diet is not unfamiliar, as it turns out most of the supplements to lose weight contain caffeine. Well, for that than you should buy these supplements, you better use coffee for your diet.

Here’s how to consume coffee to lose weight:

After breakfast

After breakfast you are advised to consume coffee, it aims to reduce your appetite so that it will minimize your chances of overeating the next time.

After lunch

In addition to consuming coffee after breakfast, consuming coffee after lunch is something you should do when running a coffee diet. It has the same goal that is to suppress your appetite so as not to keep eating.

After dinner

After dinner you are encouraged to consume coffee so you can avoid the habit of snacking with unhealthy snacks. Next, you can brush your teeth so that your teeth are not affected by the bad effects of coffee. In addition, if you have brushed your teeth then will be clean, so it will reduce the temptation to eat at night.
Reduce cream and sugar

Reducing creams and sugars when drinking coffee to lose weight is mandatory you have to do. If you add cream or sugar to coffee, then both will provide high calories. This results in the accumulation of fat deposits and calories in the body.
Do not exaggerate

Although you are supposed to include coffee on your diet, it does not mean you can consume excess coffee. You simply consume 200 ml of coffee every time you drink.
Balance by drinking water

Coffee has diuretic properties. The nature of the coffee will cause a person to consume fluid loss. For that to keep your body hydrated while running this coffee diet, then balance it with drinking water every time you have been drinking coffee.

Although this coffee diet can provide maximum results for some people, but so does not mean everyone is compatible with the way this coffee diet. For those of you who have chronic illness you are not recommended to do this coffee diet. To be more secure should be before doing this coffee diet consult your doctor first.

Best Coffee, best coffee for health 

Benefits Of Coffee Masks To Caring For Face Skin

Making black coffee masks from dregs that have not been drunk is a cheap and easy way to maintain and care for skin health. There are other combinations that are more powerful for the skin is the combination of benefits of coffee and egg whites mask or with honey. This combination of death can be used as a scrub, scrub or mask on all parts of your body, not just the face area.

Benefits of black coffee mask

Caring for facial skin with natural ingredients has been done by men and women of Indonesia from antiquity. Potions that are used also vary, can utilize fruits, pure honey until the extract of black coffee beans. The goal of facial treatment using any material of course for a cleaner, brighter and healthier skin naturally.
In short, the benefits of a coffee mask for the face is to remove dead skin cells that make skin bright and energetic. There is another use of coffee to shrink the pores so that wrinkles do not appear quickly so you look more youthful.

How To Make A Coffee Mask For The Face?
For the easiest way, you can use a coffee pulp mask as a natural face scrub. How to use it: directly apply evenly to the face area while massaged slowly so that the benefits of black coffee mask can be absorbed skin pores. Wait until dry before washing your face with clean water.
In making a face mask from coffee grounds, select black coffee / tubruk instead of coffee sachet with a mixture of milk, mocha or other flavors. The goal is that the benefits of coffee for masks can be maximal thanks to the purity of natural substances contained in it.
You can also add honey as a scrub coffee to be used as a skin scrub both the face, neck and other body areas. The benefits of honey for beauty is to nourish the skin so that its health awake. How to make coffee and honey masks is easy and simple.
Simply mix the two ingredients with a dosage of 1 tbsp coffee pulp + 1 tsp honey, mix well and apply on the desired part. The benefits of a mixture of coffee and honey will be very beneficial for the regeneration of skin cells so that the process of rejuvenation of cells damaged by irritation of acne and free radicals can take place more quickly.

The third way is to make a combination of coffee and egg whites. Mix 1/4 cup black coffee powder and one egg white, then mix well. After washing your face, gently massage and gently massage into the face area. Then wait until dry. After the coffee and egg white mask become dry, rinse with warm water

Scrub material
Health facts say: Benefits of drinking coffee not only can overcome drowsiness quickly but also useful to improve the mood that was bad. While the bad effects of excessive consumption can cause teeth to become yellow and difficulty sleeping.

Benefits of facial coffee mask is to take care of skin health by providing useful nutrients and lifting dead skin cells so that the face looks brighter and cleaner naturally. So from now on do not waste the coffee grounds left behind, apply directly to the face or make a combination mask with honey or egg whites. Do it regularly to make the face look brighter energized!

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How to make a delicious black coffee

 Black Coffee is the fruit of coffee that is taken seeds into a dry coffee beans and then in the process through several stages until it becomes a cup of hot coffee. Coffee Beans have a remarkable advantage when it has been transformed into a cup of beverage.

In addition to providing pleasure it also provides great benefits for the body that can increase stamina. The content of Black Coffee can also make us become resistant to literacy or insomnia, so it is suitable to drink after breakfast before we do a solid activity. Suitable also for those of you who are pursued deadlines and must stay up, but for this reason better not to do too often because not sleeping at night can endanger health.

If seen in plain view, How to Make Black Coffee is very easy, but if felt carefully and understood really turns out how to Make a Cup of Black Coffee is delicious and quality is very difficult and not cheap. So do not be surprised if the coffee shop that presents a lot of coffee choices sometimes fix the price is very expensive because the materials and tools used different quality with materials and tools that we use at home.

Not everyone who likes coffee and always make their own Black Coffee at home can produce a delicious taste of Black Coffee. Making a delicious Black Coffee Cup has important stages that greatly affect the taste of the coffee. For coffee lovers must know the secret of Making Black Coffee is delicious.

Water quality to brew coffee should be noted. If using tap water should be filtered first. Then note the temperature during the process of boiling water. Ideally it should not boil turbulent if using coffeemaker.
Should buy coffee beans that have not been ground because it will get a more delicious flavor. If you buy ground coffee it will lose its taste and freshness. Then brewed coffee on the coffeemaker or directly in the cup or mug as a brewed coffee.
If you want a bitter taste in coffee lost, sprinkle a little salt on the cup to give a better taste in your coffee. Serve and enjoy coffee while warm so as not to lose the taste and aroma.
Do not store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator, but keep it at room temperature. Coffee taste is also determined by the storage area. Room temperature can make coffee taste good and coffee can last for a week or more.
After boiling water, let stand for 30 seconds before adding or mixing with coffee.

Black Coffee Making Materials:

Black Coffee Powder to taste in accordance with our desired viscosity we recommend 1 tbsp
Sugar according to taste
Chocolate Powder 1/2 tsp

How to Make Black Coffee:

Heat two cups of water with medium heat not too small and not too big.
If the water is hot or almost cooked put black coffee powder into the water and then stir until boiling water and enter the brown powder.
Prepare a coffee filter of a soft cloth, and two medium mugs.
Pour the Black Hot Coffee to one of the mugs and then start filtering the Black Coffee to another mug lift the mug high while filtering and do it over and over until the black coffee takes out the foam.
Prepare the cup with sugar then strain again for the last time into the sugar cup that has been put. Decorate Coffee with grande as you like. The taste will differ depending on the coffee powder you are using.How to make a delicious black coffee
Black Coffee is the fruit of coffee that is taken seeds into a dry coffee beans and then in the process through several stages until it becomes a cup of hot coffee. Coffee Beans have a remarkable advantage when it has been transformed into a cup of beverage.

In addition to providing pleasure it also provides great benefits for the body that can increase stamina. The content of Black Coffee can also make us become resistant to literacy or insomnia, so it is suitable to drink after breakfast before we do a solid activity. Suitable also for those of you who are pursued deadlines and must stay up, but for this reason better not to do too often because not sleeping at night can endanger health.

If seen in plain view, How to Make Black Coffee is very easy, but if felt carefully and understood really turns out how to Make a Cup of Black Coffee is delicious and quality is very difficult and not cheap. So do not be surprised if the coffee shop that presents a lot of coffee choices sometimes fix the price is very expensive because the materials and tools used different quality

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The benefits of drinking coffee without sugar

Coffee is indeed one of Indonesia’s native agricultural commodities. Even coffee products are also widely sent abroad to serve as a drink. The habit of drinking coffee in the morning or evening has indeed become a habit.

Many people drink coffee with a variety of modifications such as coffee mixed with milk, latte or sugar. Drinking black coffee with sugar is often a very common routine. But did you have a drink of pure bitter coffee? Pure bitter coffee is a coffee drink that is really served without sugar so there is a bitter taste and fresh.

Caffeine in coffee is often accused as a trigger for various types of diseases in the body. But it turns out caffeine is not as bad as expected. Below are some facts about caffeine:

Caffeine is included as one drug that can overcome various complaints and will be dangerous if used in large doses.

Caffeine can work for the body because it can accelerate brain performance. Caffeine will overcome abnormal adenosine, adenosine is a special ingredient that can inhibit brain performance and often result in drowsiness.

The levels of caffeine found in coffee may vary depending on the coffee processing process that involves roasting, grinding and cooking.

Initially consume coffee drinks are often described can disrupt health. Many people suspect that black coffee drinks will cause problems for the heart and other organs. Even some people always experience insomnia because they often drink black coffee. Actually drinking black coffee has great health benefits. Below is the benefits of consuming black coffee without sugar for health.

1. Anti-oxidant Source and Fulfilling Body Nutrition
Coffee is one type of beverage that contains many anti-oxidants and various sources of nutrients such as potassium, niacin, chromium, magnesium and vitamin E. Chromium is very good for the body because it can control blood sugar levels. In addition magnesium and chromium can also lower the potential for bad cholesterol in the blood.

Consuming coffee drinks without sugar in a regular way can also reduce the risk of acute illness due to high flavonoid content in coffee.

2. Coffee Reduces Damage to Cognitive Function in Elderly
Women and men who often drink bitter coffee without sugar can also have motor nerves and sensory which is very good. Decreased nerve function generally occurs in the parents and can decrease the ability of parental activities. But regular black coffee consumption has been shown to reduce all types of nerve-related aging.

Even this has been proven by a nutritionist and diet expert named Joan Salge Blake and the research was written in the American Journal of Epidemiology (2002 edition).

3. Reduce the Potential of Diabetes
Benefits of sugarless bitter coffee is one of the very good drinks in reducing the potential increase in blood sugar levels. Coffee also serves to facilitate the process of metabolism to make the production of insulin h0rm0n can be done according to the needs of the body.

People who can consume black coffee in a regular way can boost insulin production and balance the h0rm0n that regulates insulin production.

4. Reduce Cancer Risk
Coffee drinks that contain caffeine was also able to protect men from the attack of prostate cancer and colon cancer. In addition, several other cancers that can be minimized risk of liver cancer and breast cancer. Drinking black coffee without a mixture of sugar and other substances can increase the active substance that can combat all the potential or foreign materials forming cancer.

5. Coffee Makes Body Fitter
One of the coffee experts named Ory Hofmekler convey when consuming coffee in the right way can make the body become more fit. Drinking coffee in a regular way will make muscle health stronger. But this requirement is required with the benefits of bitter coffee without sugar or like low-sugar coffee.

6. Can Support Diet
Black coffee without sugar will be a low-calorie drink. You can make this drink to support the diet program. You do not have to worry because there is no sugar in the coffee until the calories are also found low. When you add sugar or cream into the coffee it will increase the fat and calories to increase weight. So, better still drinking coffee without sugar.

7. Supports Bone Health
Lack of calcium is one of the things that often lead to bone disease. This disease often occurs in parents especially women who have experienced menopause. This is because the calcium in the body can not be absorbed by the bone.

Calcium contained in coffee can improve bone health and prevent all types of bone complaints for both women and men.

8. Maintaining Heart Health
Coffee contains potassium that serves to strengthen the heart muscles and keep the fast heartbeat normal. Various types of foods that we consume automatically will make the

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The benefits of coffee for beauty

Coffee is a very popular drink once the community. Coffee is usually consumed in the morning to relieve drowsiness and for encouragement in the morning. Coffee is also commonly consumed at night for those who like to stay up late or work night.

Coffee in addition to beneficial to relieve sleepiness, it turns out coffee also has a lot of benefits for beauty, Maybe not many know if coffee can also be used as a face mask. Of course this becomes exciting news because the price of coffee is also relatively inexpensive to use as a skin care.

Coffee has a very good content for the skin. The content of which are antioxidants, flavonoids and also polyphenols. The substance proved very powerful to ward off free radicals that can lead to various skin problems such as acne, dull skin, oily skin, dry skin and so forth. But the coffee you use is not the usual coffee sacheas bought in the store. The coffee you use is pure coffee powder so it can give maximum results.

Speaking of coffee masks, then what are the benefits we will get from coffee masks. Well here we will explain some benefits of coffee mask. Here are the benefits of coffee masks.

1. Ward off free radicals
As mentioned above, coffee contains antioxidants such as flavonoids and potent polyphenols to prevent free radicals. Facial skin is often exposed to free radicals will cause premature aging and make the skin becomes wrinkled. For that coffee mask is very important to ward off free radicals.

2. Brighten skin dull
Let coffee is dark, but coffee can make the skin bright and beautiful. Antioxy content contained in coffee is able to remove dead skin cells and disguise black spots so the skin becomes bright, and smooth.

3. Controlling excess oil
For those of you who have excess oil problems on facial skin, you can overcome it with a coffee mask. Coffee masks are able to control the excess oil on the skin. As we know excess oils are the cause of the appearance of acne, the skin becomes dull and dry.

4. Decrease the pores
Coffee Maker is also powerful to shrink large pores. Large pores will make the skin becomes rough and unsightly, other than that large pores will also make the dirt easy to enter until finally arise or blackheads.

5. Refreshing facial skin
Coffee powder that has been made into cream we can store into flizeer to freeze. Then you wipe on your facial skin to refresh your facial skin. The smell of the coffee will also make the mind relax and calm.

6. Eliminate cellulite
Cellulite on the skin is certainly very disturbing. This is because it can interfere with the appearance. Well you can use coffee grounds to overcome cellulite. Combine the coffee grounds with olive oil and then apply on the skin. For the results you makasimal wrap with plastic and allow up to 10 minutes of your new rinse with water until clean.

7. Eliminate scars, acne scars and black spots
Coffee masks can brighten the skin and disguise black spots like acne scars, black spots and scars. Apply a coffee mask on the skin while you massage twist to dry.

8. Tighten the skin
As explained in the above point if the coffee mask is able to resist premature aging. This is because the coffee mask can maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin, so the skin will always tight and ageless.

9. Minimize the risk of skin cancer
Using a regular coffee mask can also be a skin cancer deterrent. Skin cancer is caused by 2 factors, namely the factor from within that is the food we consume and external factors are sun exposure, the use of beauty products that are not appropriate and so forth. Well mask coffee can minimize the risk of cancer on the skin.

How to Make Coffee Mask
How to make a coffee mask is very easy, you just mix pure coffee with a little water that shaped like a paste. But you can also mix it with other natural ingredients for the problem you are experiencing, such as mixing it with milk to get a white and smooth skin. Mix it with honey to moisturize the skin. Mix with lemons to treat acne and remove dead skin cells or with natural ingredients

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Coffee tubruk typical Indonesia

in general, the most primitive coffee drinking technique is to boil and pour hot water into a glass that already contains coffee bean powder.

The first is to put the coffee bean powder along with other things (like spices or sugar) or also just powder the coffee beans into a container, call it a pot, then watered with water, and boiled on a heater, either a stove or a wood stove Burn. It is Turkis Coffee because the tradition is still celebrated there and the tools are still being developed.

The second, easy, just put the water that has been mixed coffee beans powder into the glass. Let stand a few minutes, or please stir directly, and conventionally agreed that the dregs of brewing are not removed or removed from the glass. Well, this one is called Kopi Tubruk.

Enjoying coffee is a personal thing. In the sense of whether or not the coffee we drink depends on our taste (tongue). There is no single truth how our tongue enjoys the character of coffee. Therefore, it is unfortunate if the coffee tubruk considered a technique of serving the coffee is not so good or good, considering the taste of tongue and culture is not a uniform.

Tubruk coffee is an identity. Through the brewed coffee we can trace how Indonesian people since about 300 years ago celebrated the tradition of drinking coffee. Tubruk coffee is a historical monument of coffee in Indonesia. Until now, tubruk coffee is still popular in Java and Bali.

Kopu tubruk comes from the Java language which means ‘collide’. In a cup of brewed coffee there is coffee powder, sugar, and hot water do collide with each other. In addition, tubruk means hit. This is because in making this coffee is done by hitting by using alu and dimples or more popular with the term pounded.

Appropriate texture, coffee tubruk divided into two ie coffee tubruk smooth and coarse coffee rough. Coffee is distinguished according to its texture so that the enthusiasts of coffee tubruk have a choice of flavor and aroma. And from the result, the smashed coffee is more prominent in flavor and aroma more quickly disappears.

To get another flavor of coffee tubruk can be varied by adding sweetened condensed milk, sugar, or spices.

Although brewed coffee is a traditional coffee brewing technique, it is important to get the right coffee. The main thing to note is that the use of water must be really hot so that the coffee grounds do not float on the surface of the water.

The process of making coffee without crudes through a machine process and without a mixture of sugar or milk became the healthiest choice of coffee. According to experts, how to brew coffee brewed produces a complex coffee taste, perfect for testing the taste and powerful train sensory sensors a person. Simple tube coffee is the best method for assessing and enjoying coffee. It proves that the coffee tubruk has been worldwide though seen from the way that is still traditional. Along with the development of the era, coffee tubruk expected to become one of the Indonesian icon in the eyes of the world like batik and dragons

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Differences between instant coffee and ground coffee

Coffee. It is one of the most consumed drinks in the world, for its flavor and aroma. In addition, various scientific studies have shown that it can benefit health because of the type and amount of compounds it contains, especially antioxidants. These help prevent certain degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, some types of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among others. One of the advantages of coffee antioxidants is that they do not lose their properties even after four hours of brewing it, even when mixed with milk.

Drinking two cups of coffee a day stimulates brain functions (memory, attention and concentration), increases physical energy without creating dependency, improves mood, increases school performance and does not cause weight gain.

In short talk about the benefits of coffee would extend us.
There are differences between instant coffee and ground coffee that must be taken into account.


  • The ground coffee retains its pure form, with natural, non-industrialized extraction.
  • While instant coffee has an industrialized process aided by chemicals to preserve it longer.
  • The ground coffee is made with high quality grains “In most cases” (Consumable products)
  • Unlike instant coffee it is mixed with high and low quality grains.

In comparison to instant coffee, ground coffee further increases the sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that synthesizes sugar at the cellular level. If we have a habitual consumption of ground coffee, the insulin in the body works better and we have a better control of the amount of sugar in the blood.

The myth that if the coffee is completely false in ground coffee, does not cause osteoporosis, does not cause any damage to the bones, does not raise the risk of developing any calcium deficiency.

Ground coffee maintains all its biological characteristics by having natural processes of harvesting and processing.

Unlike instant coffee that is prepared with highly industrialized methods.

Ground coffee has no negative relationship with cancer, on the contrary all positive. It has a higher percentage of substances like antioxidants that protect against cell damage and decrease the risk of cancer. If you consume it all your life, you will have extra protection against the risk of developing cancer, this is in fully tested research.

You can not ensure the same potential of ground coffee bought with instant coffee, its antioxidants obviously act the same but are accompanied by many chemicals to preserve it for longer which reduces the percentage of health benefits.

The ground coffee also conserves the culture and regions of a country.

To consider:

Coffee in general provides excellent health benefits, and drinking this liquid does not imply getting close to habits such as smoking, alcoholism, etc. However any excess is harmful, you have to be cautious with the companions (sugar) to prepare an excellent cup of coffee with the benefits it offers.