what is caffee

Coffee has become an integral part of our daily lives. Even in 2015, Indonesia became the third largest coffee producing country in the world. Unfortunately, Indonesia’s understanding of coffee is far from enough. Many of us do not understand yet, what is coffee? Coffee is actually a shrub that can only grow in the tropics with an altitude of 700-1600. The average coffee tree grows between 2-6 meters and begins to bear fruit at the age of 3-5 years. Coffee tree flowers smell nice and takes 9 months until the fruit is cooked and ready to pick. A healthy coffee tree can be 50-60 years old, even some coffee trees are still productive at the age of 100 years!

There are over 120 species of coffee that have been successfully recorded, mostly by the Royal Botanic Gardens in England. Of the 120 species, only coffea arabica (arabica coffee) and Coffea canephora (robusta coffee) are widely grown for commercial purposes. Arabica is widely grown because of its delicious and high price. While robusta planted because of strong pest attacks.

The grapes are shaped like grapes, but with thinner flesh and larger seeds. When cooked, the coffee fruit is red and tastes very sweet because the sugar content reaches its maximum point. In theory, the more sugar in the coffee, the more tasty the coffee tastes. But many coffee producers are mixing the maturity level of the coffee fruit to get a more complex flavor. As long as not too ripe or rotten, coffee fruit has its own distinctive flavor.

Coffee is dicoty plant, which means there are 2 pieces of seed in 1 coffee. When the coffee is still young, both seeds are equally round. The older, as it shares the available space, the shape of the coffee beans turns to sprawl. Sometimes, there is a “greedy” seed that takes its twin share. Commonly known as pea berry, the single seed remains round and is believed to have a richer taste because it absorbs more gene. With a percentage of about 3-5% of the final harvest, no wonder pea berry prices are much more expensive than normal seed prices.

Once harvested, the coffee fruit passes through the next stage of stripping. Peeling aims to remove all four layers of coffee beans to get clean coffee beans ready for further processing. In general, there are 3 methods of stripping coffee that is the process of peel dry (natural), the process of wet (full washed), and semi-wet process with various variations derived (honey process, wet rollers, natural pulped, etc.). Peel process also determines the final taste of a cup of coffee.

Coffee beans that have been peeled and rested then ready for roasting. Different types of coffee, different roasted levels are used. Some types of coffee emit a sense of maximum when roasted with medium to dark levels. But there are also many good coffee beans with roasted light to medium level. Understanding and roaster experience greatly determines the quality of roasted coffee

After roasted, then coffee can be ground and finally brewed. How to brew also varied, ranging from tubruk, pour over, to espresso. At this stage, the selection of beans, roasting profiles, and brewing tools used must have an effect on taste. Do not let coffee that has passed long stages starting from planting, harvesting, stripping, and roasting can not produce maximum results due to unfavorable brewing methods.

If calculated, it takes at least 6 months since the coffee is harvested until it is ready to be served as a cup of delicious coffee. Unlike common understanding, not just baristas are involved in the coffee presentation process. Starting from farmers, roasters, even Q graders come to deliver coffee to our table. So it would not be ethical if we too quickly give bad value just because the coffee presented is not as expected.…

The Benefits of Coffee For Health

Benefits of coffee turned out to have a number of good nutritional content for the body, even claimed to be one true fighter for cancer. Is it true?. Coffee bean extract is what is processed into a coffee powder that we often enjoy. Coffee is usually a friend when starting a day in the morning. This dark-colored beverage, featuring a unique flavor, no wonder many people who favor drinks. In Indonesia itself many in certain areas, coffee drinks become a unique tradition. Pleasure cup of many people who admire it, but behind the benefits of coffee store a variety of benefits. The following benefits of coffee include:

Increase stamina

Coffee has a high content of caffeine. Adenosine in the body works as a cell that causes the desire to sleep against the brain. Caffeine in coffee affects cell performance and makes its movement slower. So as to create a fresh feeling for longer.

Prevent cancer

Antioxidants in coffee help reduce the risk of cancer symptoms in the body. Research in Japan in some women who consume coffee 2 times a day, the risk of colon cancer decreased by 25%.

Coffee maintains oral health

Coffee has good anti-bacterial properties for oral hygiene. It can help healing cavities, plaque and gum infections. Of course a great opportunity to reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Inhibition of sugar absorption can be done by consuming coffee. The content of chlorogenic acid substances help this performance on increasing insulin formation. Experts have proven the disease of diabetes that occurs in a person, can be reduced by 50% thanks to the benefits of coffee.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is one of the most common diseases that people aged 65 years and over. Coffee has been tested to improve protection against diseases associated with degradation of nerve function.

Prevent Parkinson’s

In addition to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s is one of the most popular diseases that cause degradation of nerve function in the human body. Consumption of coffee on a regular basis can improve protection against Parkinson’s disease.

Improving Mood

Many people are unconsciously more passionate and cheerful when drinking coffee. Coffee is indeed one of the beverages that can improve a person’s mood, not only that he can also give a correlation effect on happiness.…

Coffee Hazards

Everything must have the benefit and danger of example is drinking coffee, behind the benefits that can be taken from consuming this drink there is a danger of coffee that can damage the body if in excessive consumption. Perhaps some only know some of its benefits alone without thinking about what the dangers of coffee if consumed in excess. Having previously discussed about the dangers of cigarettes then in this opportunity I will share about the dangers of coffee for health, and of course I will also discuss the benefits of drinking coffee.

 For some people, drinking coffee is something that can not be missed every day, especially for an active smoker drinking coffee is something that is very identical. This drink is very favored by men and women because it could be a solution when sleepy at work, drinking coffee is the most considered a powerful way to relieve sleepiness. Behind these benefits there is a danger of coffee that can attack if taken excessively therefore in addition to knowing what are the benefits we also must know the dangers of coffee for health so that we can control the consumption of coffee. Before discussing the dangers of coffee for health, I will first discuss some of the benefits we can feel by consuming coffee.

Drinking coffee is believed to be the most efficacious drowsy medicine, coffee is often a friend staying up and working in the office. Drinks that have a unique scent can also cause addictive effects, it is evidenced by the number of those who are very dependent on coffee prefer to drink coffee rather than eat. However, it must be known also the danger of coffee can also harm health when consumed in excess and continuously. Health hazards for health include:

  1. The first coffee hazard is to cause a faster heartbeat than usual. Therefore, for those of you who experience heart attack symptoms should avoid or not drinking excessive coffee.
  2. The next danger of coffee is that it can cause symptoms or heartburn because coffee drinks can increase stomach acid.
  3. Excessive drinking coffee can lead to heart attack and stroke risk because it can increase triglyceride levels, bad cholesterol in the body and your blood will be more concentrated. This is what causes fatty deposits, narrowing of blood vessels which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  4. Consuming coffee can cause symptoms of insomnia or insomnia which is not good for your health.
  5. For pregnant women is not recommended to consume coffee. In this case consuming 100 mg of caffeine per day can cause miscarriage. This is because, caffeine in coffee can increase heart rate and will affect the fetus which can attack the placenta and into the blood circulation of the fetus.
  6. Consuming coffee can weaken your immune system. This is because, caffeine in coffee can absorb the minerals and vitamins needed by your body. Coffee drinks also make you quickly lose fluid in the body, therefore try to drink two glasses of water after consuming a cup of coffee.

That’s how the benefits and dangers of coffee for your health, should not be done excessively because it will cause adverse effects like drinking coffee.



Tips for Choosing Coffee in the Morning

The habit of drinking coffee in the morning is believed to increase concentration to do the job champion. Drinking coffee together in a coffee shop before work is also a socialization event with friends one job. Well kinds of processed coffee more options that you can choose to be consumed.

In addition to delicious, coffee is also proven to overcome the drowsiness that can interfere with work concentration. However, not all coffee ‘safe’ for your diet program alias does not disturb your weight. Some additional ingredients that are mixed in coffee such as milk and sugar can boost your weight, especially if you regularly drink coffee every morning. Well, before consuming coffee, let’s check back the content of various kinds of coffee below

  1. Coffee latte
    One cup of coffee latte is formulated with an additional 2 percent milk. Coffee latte contains 190 calories, 7 grams of fat, 18 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein and 17 grams of sugar. If you want to continue to enjoy this type of coffee coffee latte, replace the habit of drinking coffee in the morning is believed to increase concentration to do the job champion. Drinking coffee together in a coffee shop before work is also a socialization event with friends one job. Well a kinds of processed coffee more options that you can choose to be consumed.
  2. Cappuccino
    Cappuccino is a mixture of espresso coffee with a soft foam on it. This type of coffee contains 2 percent milk with premium calories, 12 grams of carbohydrate calories, 8 grams of protein, and 10 grams of sugar. This type of coffee is still relatively safe for you who are on a diet.
  3. Black coffee
    Black coffee is dark and bitter, but it is the safest type of coffee for your diet because it only contains 5 calories, 0 percent carbohydrates and fat, less than 1 gram protein, and 0 percent sugar if you do not add sugar to it.
  4. Caffe Mocha
    Caffe mocha is the result of a mixture of coffee with chocolate. Although tastes good, caffe mocha contains high calories about 330 percent of calories, 15 grams of fat, 43 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of protein, and 33 grams of sugar. It is advisable not to eat sweet and fat rich foods such as muffins or chocolate cake if you are enjoying caffe mocha in the morning.
  5. Caramel macchiato
    Macchiato caramel is a mixture of coffee with caramel. This coffee is also delicious and delicious to consume, it’s just high calorie content, there are 240 calories, 7 grams of fat, 34 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of protein, and 31 grams of sugar. The cause of high calories in caramel macchiato is caramel syrup.

Well women, already know about the content of various coffee that can be used as an alternative drink in the morning is not it? Now just want to choose which for drinks in the morning.


Benefits of Coffee for Face

Women are a people who are very concerned about his appearance, even they are willing to spend a lot of money for the treatment. Unmitigated, they perform operations just to change the appearance into what they want. But not infrequently this gives negative side effects. Therefore, the use of coffee is the best way to get natural beauty. Mask is a blend of material applied on the surface of the face, left for some time until dry, then rinsed clean. The process of immersion aims for the active ingredients in the mask to seep into the skin. Here are 6 benefits of mask from coffee for facial treatment, namely:

Minimize Pores on face

Unclean facial texture is usually caused because the pores are too big. If we routinely use coffee as a mask then gradually the pores on our face will be smaller and the face will be smoother.

Overcome oily face

Oily faces will be susceptible to acne. In addition, oily face looks more dull and causes a lot of dirt easily attached to the face. Coffee mask can overcome this oily face so that the face is more moist when done Wear mask regularly. This is the benefit of coffee for oily face.

Overcome the dull face

Coffee has a high enough antioxidant content that can be used to protect the skin from free radicals. In addition, coffee can remove dead skin on the face so that the face will look brighter if the mask is used regularly. Coffee masks will also make the face more refreshed.

Smooth the skin

Coffee can be used as a scrub to make skin smoother. Not all faces have a smooth skin texture so we can use coffee as the best solution.

Overcome the dull face

Acne is a major problem for women. In addition to disturbing the appearance, sometimes acne causes pain. Therefore, acne is greatly avoided by everyone. When the pimples appear, most people will break the pimple because they want to immediately remove it. But this will actually leave a stain on the face. Even if we do not use the right way, the stain will not disappear. Therefore, the use of coffee masks can remove acne scars without side effects.

Remove blackheads

Blackheads usually appear around the nose. If blackheads are not immediately removed, it will turn into blackheads and will ultimately be difficult to remove. Coffee masks can prevent the presence of blackheads and even coffee masks can remove blackheads on the nose. Simply putting a coffee mask on the nose will make the blackheads lifted and the nose clean.


Benefits of spa coffee

Coffee is not only delicious sipped in the afternoon as a friend snack or drink while sleepy conditions. Apparently the coffee powder also has a million benefits for skin beauty that is smoothing and brighten the skin. You have trouble with rough and dull skin? Of these two skin problems make the appearance becomes less interesting. So how to make skin look smooth and bright? Should spend deeply by doing a variety of expensive modern treatments and give instant results? So what if your budget is limited? No need to worry, natural ingredients such as coffee is also powerful to make your skin becomes smooth and bright.

Antioxidants. The coffee you used to sip daily accompanied by snacks and eliminate drowsiness, it also has a property for beauty. Even many people who mix coffee into spa treatment material consisting of a series of massage and scrub or body scrub with coffee, which serves to remove dead skin cells, so as to smooth and brighten the skin. Caffeine contained in the coffee is also Anti cellulite is useful to reduce or dissolve fat deposits in the skin, especially the abdomen, thighs and arms. Coffee powder can also be used as a scrub or eksfoliator because it can lift dead skin cells, so that the skin surface feels smoother.

Spa Coffee. To get a smooth and bright skin, you can do your own coffee spa at home. How to make a coffee scrub is 1 1/4 cup star fruit (200 cc) coffee powder, 1/4 cup palm sugar that has been smoothed, 1 cup virgin coconut oil and 1/4 cup honey. All ingredients are mixed evenly, then put in a jar.

How to use, after bathing with warm water so that the pores open, the scrub is smeared throughout the body while the body massaged lightly with circular movement (circular) for blood circulation to be smooth, especially in the skin that many cellulite. After that, the body wrapped with cling wrap or plastic wrap to warm the body. Then let stand for 15-30 minutes, then rinsed with warm water so that the dirt on the pores come out, then rinse again with cold water. Next, the body is dried with a soft towel and uses body lotion. When you first use the spa coffee, the skin will feel smoother and moist because the dead skin cells lifted, and the body feels more relaxed and comfortable. But if you want a better result, we recommend this coffee spa routine twice a week and should be done in the afternoon to be more relaxed because in the afternoon not many activities. If done routinely, then within a month the skin will feel smoother and brighter.…

Black coffee or latte, which one is better

Everyone has different tastes, one of which is in the case of drinks. Coffee lovers also have their favorite, whether it’s black coffee or latte coffee. But if it is linked to health and diet, which one is healthier between these two types of coffee? Let’s look at the following comparison of black coffee and latte

Black coffee

Black coffee is usually consumed without milk, cream, or sugar. This type of coffee is very strong and very good to increase energy. In general, black coffee is made by brewing coffee beans with hot water. Black coffee has several health benefits, as follows:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Prevent neurological disease
  • Rich antioxidants that can counteract free radicals
  • Good to ward off type 2 diabetes
  • Improve heart health
  • Prevent depression.

Coffee can cause weight gain. But if you consume black coffee without milk and sugar, you will avoid the effect. Black coffee is the right choice if you do not want to gain weight.

Coffee Latte

  • Latte is basically made by mixing coffee with milk. Even so today there are many types of latte combined with various flavors such as mocca, chocolate, and others.
  • Latte is known to have the same health benefits as black coffee. But black coffee is considered healthier because it does not contain milk or other composition additions. However, consuming too much latte coffee every day can cause weight gain.
  • This is because the addition of milk and sugar in coffee is likely to cause obesity. But you can also avoid it by using low-calorie milk and replace sugar with other natural sweeteners that do not cause obesity.

That’s the comparison between black coffee and latte. Both are equally delicious and beneficial for health if you know how to consume them. You can choose black coffee that is more healthy and not make fat. But of course this is back to the taste of each person