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Physical Effects of Stress

Stress affects more than just our psychological health, contribute unwanted effects on our physical as well as emotional health. Most of the time, our thoughts are focused on the solutions we must be able to come up in order to straighten problems at work or at home thus we forget to take care of ourselves. As we speak, your body may be crying out for help; below are some signs that may indicate that your body is stressed out.

Fatigue and Drowsiness

Problems with sleep has become a common effects of stress; people have difficult time sleeping properly because of all the things that run in their mind. Recovering from a handful of sleepless nights is quite easy but if those sleepless nights occur on a regular basis, you’ll feel the consequences in no time. By not getting enough sleep, your energy level suffers as well as your performance.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

A chronic condition that mainly affects the digestive system, IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a lot more common than you initially thought. Don’t get us wrong, IBS is not caused by stress, but stress greatly exasperates the symptoms. People who are highly prone to upset stomachs, constipation or diarrhoea might notice that symptoms become worse when they’re stressed; if not worse, IBS symptoms come in more frequent episodes. People who are experiencing these dreadful symptoms should consult their doctors right away and discuss all the possible treatment for IBS. Some choose to take medications right away alongside a couple of probiotics. While others even add a couple of exercises into the mix; some exercises can help with IBS symptoms. People suffering from IBS can actually control IBS symptoms on their own by improving their diet and lifestyle; a better diet and lifestyle greatly helps with stress management.

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The most common type of headache would be the tension headache. There are days when you feel like the world is on your shoulders and nothing looks like it’ll go as you planned, during these days you’re under a lot of stress and thus more susceptible to excruciating headaches. Tension headaches are in no way caused by illnesses that you’re unaware of, they just typically come up when you’re tired, stressed and dehydrated.

Mild Colds and Coughs

The body’s immune system is one of the first to suffer if a person is stressed, this will likely lead to coughs and colds. Whenever the immune system becomes compromised in any way, the body fails to fend off even the most meagre threats, thus you’re prone to just about any infection and illness out there.