Benefits of spa coffee

Coffee is not only delicious sipped in the afternoon as a friend snack or drink while sleepy conditions. Apparently the coffee powder also has a million benefits for skin beauty that is smoothing and brighten the skin. You have trouble with rough and dull skin? Of these two skin problems make the appearance becomes less interesting. So how to make skin look smooth and bright? Should spend deeply by doing a variety of expensive modern treatments and give instant results? So what if your budget is limited? No need to worry, natural ingredients such as coffee is also powerful to make your skin becomes smooth and bright.

Antioxidants. The coffee you used to sip daily accompanied by snacks and eliminate drowsiness, it also has a property for beauty. Even many people who mix coffee into spa treatment material consisting of a series of massage and scrub or body scrub with coffee, which serves to remove dead skin cells, so as to smooth and brighten the skin. Caffeine contained in the coffee is also Anti cellulite is useful to reduce or dissolve fat deposits in the skin, especially the abdomen, thighs and arms. Coffee powder can also be used as a scrub or eksfoliator because it can lift dead skin cells, so that the skin surface feels smoother.

Spa Coffee. To get a smooth and bright skin, you can do your own coffee spa at home. How to make a coffee scrub is 1 1/4 cup star fruit (200 cc) coffee powder, 1/4 cup palm sugar that has been smoothed, 1 cup virgin coconut oil and 1/4 cup honey. All ingredients are mixed evenly, then put in a jar.

How to use, after bathing with warm water so that the pores open, the scrub is smeared throughout the body while the body massaged lightly with circular movement (circular) for blood circulation to be smooth, especially in the skin that many cellulite. After that, the body wrapped with cling wrap or plastic wrap to warm the body. Then let stand for 15-30 minutes, then rinsed with warm water so that the dirt on the pores come out, then rinse again with cold water. Next, the body is dried with a soft towel and uses body lotion. When you first use the spa coffee, the skin will feel smoother and moist because the dead skin cells lifted, and the body feels more relaxed and comfortable. But if you want a better result, we recommend this coffee spa routine twice a week and should be done in the afternoon to be more relaxed because in the afternoon not many activities. If done routinely, then within a month the skin will feel smoother and brighter.…