Coffee Hazards

Everything must have the benefit and danger of example is drinking coffee, behind the benefits that can be taken from consuming this drink there is a danger of coffee that can damage the body if in excessive consumption. Perhaps some only know some of its benefits alone without thinking about what the dangers of coffee if consumed in excess. Having previously discussed about the dangers of cigarettes then in this opportunity I will share about the dangers of coffee for health, and of course I will also discuss the benefits of drinking coffee.

 For some people, drinking coffee is something that can not be missed every day, especially for an active smoker drinking coffee is something that is very identical. This drink is very favored by men and women because it could be a solution when sleepy at work, drinking coffee is the most considered a powerful way to relieve sleepiness. Behind these benefits there is a danger of coffee that can attack if taken excessively therefore in addition to knowing what are the benefits we also must know the dangers of coffee for health so that we can control the consumption of coffee. Before discussing the dangers of coffee for health, I will first discuss some of the benefits we can feel by consuming coffee.

Drinking coffee is believed to be the most efficacious drowsy medicine, coffee is often a friend staying up and working in the office. Drinks that have a unique scent can also cause addictive effects, it is evidenced by the number of those who are very dependent on coffee prefer to drink coffee rather than eat. However, it must be known also the danger of coffee can also harm health when consumed in excess and continuously. Health hazards for health include:

  1. The first coffee hazard is to cause a faster heartbeat than usual. Therefore, for those of you who experience heart attack symptoms should avoid or not drinking excessive coffee.
  2. The next danger of coffee is that it can cause symptoms or heartburn because coffee drinks can increase stomach acid.
  3. Excessive drinking coffee can lead to heart attack and stroke risk because it can increase triglyceride levels, bad cholesterol in the body and your blood will be more concentrated. This is what causes fatty deposits, narrowing of blood vessels which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  4. Consuming coffee can cause symptoms of insomnia or insomnia which is not good for your health.
  5. For pregnant women is not recommended to consume coffee. In this case consuming 100 mg of caffeine per day can cause miscarriage. This is because, caffeine in coffee can increase heart rate and will affect the fetus which can attack the placenta and into the blood circulation of the fetus.
  6. Consuming coffee can weaken your immune system. This is because, caffeine in coffee can absorb the minerals and vitamins needed by your body. Coffee drinks also make you quickly lose fluid in the body, therefore try to drink two glasses of water after consuming a cup of coffee.

That’s how the benefits and dangers of coffee for your health, should not be done excessively because it will cause adverse effects like drinking coffee.