Healthy Coffe, healthy coffee beans 

The benefits of drinking coffee without sugar

Coffee is indeed one of Indonesia’s native agricultural commodities. Even coffee products are also widely sent abroad to serve as a drink. The habit of drinking coffee in the morning or evening has indeed become a habit.

Many people drink coffee with a variety of modifications such as coffee mixed with milk, latte or sugar. Drinking black coffee with sugar is often a very common routine. But did you have a drink of pure bitter coffee? Pure bitter coffee is a coffee drink that is really served without sugar so there is a bitter taste and fresh.

Caffeine in coffee is often accused as a trigger for various types of diseases in the body. But it turns out caffeine is not as bad as expected. Below are some facts about caffeine:

Caffeine is included as one drug that can overcome various complaints and will be dangerous if used in large doses.

Caffeine can work for the body because it can accelerate brain performance. Caffeine will overcome abnormal adenosine, adenosine is a special ingredient that can inhibit brain performance and often result in drowsiness.

The levels of caffeine found in coffee may vary depending on the coffee processing process that involves roasting, grinding and cooking.

Initially consume coffee drinks are often described can disrupt health. Many people suspect that black coffee drinks will cause problems for the heart and other organs. Even some people always experience insomnia because they often drink black coffee. Actually drinking black coffee has great health benefits. Below is the benefits of consuming black coffee without sugar for health.

1. Anti-oxidant Source and Fulfilling Body Nutrition
Coffee is one type of beverage that contains many anti-oxidants and various sources of nutrients such as potassium, niacin, chromium, magnesium and vitamin E. Chromium is very good for the body because it can control blood sugar levels. In addition magnesium and chromium can also lower the potential for bad cholesterol in the blood.

Consuming coffee drinks without sugar in a regular way can also reduce the risk of acute illness due to high flavonoid content in coffee.

2. Coffee Reduces Damage to Cognitive Function in Elderly
Women and men who often drink bitter coffee without sugar can also have motor nerves and sensory which is very good. Decreased nerve function generally occurs in the parents and can decrease the ability of parental activities. But regular black coffee consumption has been shown to reduce all types of nerve-related aging.

Even this has been proven by a nutritionist and diet expert named Joan Salge Blake and the research was written in the American Journal of Epidemiology (2002 edition).

3. Reduce the Potential of Diabetes
Benefits of sugarless bitter coffee is one of the very good drinks in reducing the potential increase in blood sugar levels. Coffee also serves to facilitate the process of metabolism to make the production of insulin h0rm0n can be done according to the needs of the body.

People who can consume black coffee in a regular way can boost insulin production and balance the h0rm0n that regulates insulin production.

4. Reduce Cancer Risk
Coffee drinks that contain caffeine was also able to protect men from the attack of prostate cancer and colon cancer. In addition, several other cancers that can be minimized risk of liver cancer and breast cancer. Drinking black coffee without a mixture of sugar and other substances can increase the active substance that can combat all the potential or foreign materials forming cancer.

5. Coffee Makes Body Fitter
One of the coffee experts named Ory Hofmekler convey when consuming coffee in the right way can make the body become more fit. Drinking coffee in a regular way will make muscle health stronger. But this requirement is required with the benefits of bitter coffee without sugar or like low-sugar coffee.

6. Can Support Diet
Black coffee without sugar will be a low-calorie drink. You can make this drink to support the diet program. You do not have to worry because there is no sugar in the coffee until the calories are also found low. When you add sugar or cream into the coffee it will increase the fat and calories to increase weight. So, better still drinking coffee without sugar.

7. Supports Bone Health
Lack of calcium is one of the things that often lead to bone disease. This disease often occurs in parents especially women who have experienced menopause. This is because the calcium in the body can not be absorbed by the bone.

Calcium contained in coffee can improve bone health and prevent all types of bone complaints for both women and men.

8. Maintaining Heart Health
Coffee contains potassium that serves to strengthen the heart muscles and keep the fast heartbeat normal. Various types of foods that we consume automatically will make the

Healthy Coffe, healthy coffee beans 

3 ways to make your morning coffee healthier

Many people drink coffee in the mornings, myself included. While some do it by the energies that transmit to it, others do it by the flavor. Some even drink 6 cups of coffee daily. It is also true that everyone should be aware of the effects that coffee has on health and on the athlete. Considering all this, we are going to give you some keys so that the morning coffee is much healthier and rich in nutrients.

There are those who train in fasting, and some are reluctant to do so. For the former, comment that coffee is very good for increasing performance before training, due to the caffeine kick. But like everything in life, there are those who do not like coffee or do not use them to wake up in the morning. For them, they should follow 7 tricks to get energy without relying on coffee. And if you already have everything in mind, we are going to give you the essential steps to improve the coffee.

Coffee grains

Most coffee brands (ground or not) contain neuroactive chemicals such as mycotoxin, naturally produced due to mold and fungi growing on coffee beans. These chemicals are common in other ingredients such as nuts, chocolate or even wine, and can lead us to chronic diseases with their regular consumption.

For this, there are some (few) brands that have changed the places and how to store the coffee beans where no mold and mildew grow, avoiding this serious problem. The advantage of this: coffee will be less acidic, smoother and easier to digest for sensitive stomachs.

Make your own milk

Dairy products contain a very acidic common allergen, a cause of inflammation, indigestion and some skin rashes, not to mention all the hormones we get into. The truth is, many lactose-free alternatives are not much better than regular milk. Many preservatives, added chemicals and sugar, all so the product can be stored for longer. Making our own milk would be best.

Almond milk

What do we need?

  • A cup of almonds.
  • Natural water (to soak the almonds).
  • 2 cups of natural water to mix.
  • A good strainer.
  • A large bowl.
  • A bottle with tight seal (to store milk).

How do we do it?

  • Very easy. Before going to bed at night (or eight hours margin), we will prepare our homemade milk. Put the almonds in a cup of mineral water so they are completely submerged. When they wake up, they will have gained a little, hydrated, and will be easier to digest.
  • We will crush the almonds in a blender at high speed, combining them with the 2 cups of mineral water. We mixed for one minute.
  • Pour the mixture into the large bowl of the strainer to remove the remains of the almonds. Then, we put the liquid in the bottle and close hermetically. Store in refrigerator for 5 days before taking.
  • Add an enhancer
  • Tune up coffee

We are in a few years where many people use natural nutritional supplements with good taste and that provide that extra push that our health demands every morning. We could add some of these ingredients to our coffee or morning tea: maca root powder, coconut oil, lard, collagen, etc. The possibilities are endless. I recommend that you consult in a herbalist the best additions to get the necessary energy.

Therefore, every morning it is possible to drink coffee to start the day, however, with these three simple tips you can get a greater amount of energy from other natural sources and healthier.