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5 corners where you can taste the best espresso in Milan

Even if it is a business trip and not the Champions League Final, there is always time for a break and enjoy the best Italian coffee. These are the five bars essential.

The espresso was born in Milan in 1901. In the midst of labor and union struggle, the Italian Luigi Bezzera, owner of a factory in the city, looked for ways to reduce the time his employees took to rest having coffee. He was convinced that putting pressure on the process of making the drink would shorten the time needed to have it ready. Said and done, he set to work and created an apparatus which he called “fast coffee machine”. But the result of the engineer was not only faster coffee, but also of better quality, with more aroma and body.

During the following decades the system and the patent were improved, avoiding, for example, the flavor to burn caused by the boiling water with pistons. It was not, however, until the end of World War II when coffee machines began to become popular.

What better then, than to return to Milan to taste an authentic Italian espresso. The capital of Lombardy is full of news for the Champions League final. And with or without entrance, there is always time for a stop for a coffee, something that in Italy is almost a matter of state. What better then to go to where the Milanese themselves recommend that you can have the best espresso.

We have selected five of those bars, restaurants and cafeterias in which we should forbid taking that little drink in less than five minutes. Tasting your notes, your aroma and your body should take your time.

  1. Biancolatte (Via Filippo Turati, 30). It is a small place where breakfast and lunch are served from 7.30 am. in the morning. Their espresso is accompanied by freshly baked pastries, fruit salads, juices … at breakfast; And Milanesinas, a few small pieces of breaded chicken, at lunch.

  2. Taglio (Via Vigevano, 10). Of the four members of this fashionable cafeteria-restaurant, one of them is specialized in coffee, hence its espresso is already among the most requested. It opens at 9 a.m. (Except Mondays, which do an hour earlier) and stays open until almost midnight.

  3. Caffè Milano (Via Dante, 13). Not far away, a place that worships espresso with a bar decorated on its front with dozens of cups, dairy and other gadgets in the world of coffee. Impossible not to look at your mountain of sugar and, as it should be, serve it fast and at its right point of taste and temperature.

  4. Caffè Zucca (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II). Open since 1867, it was Verdi’s favorite place to have a drink and today it remains a favorite spot for those wandering through what is arguably the most important arcade in northern Italy. A corner in which the ‘espresso’ is confused with bags of the main signatures of the world of fashion.

  5. Caffè Cova (Via Montenapoleone, 8). Founded by the soldier Antonio Cova in 1817 (next to La Scala in a first location), it is another of Milan’s most important cafés and located in one of its most emblematic streets. It is a delicatessen-caffé in which it is impossible not to fall into the temptation of your cakes.

There are those who say that there is no way to take a bad espresso in the center of Milan. Whether it is true or not, what we can safely say is that, in these five places, we will always leave with a smile, the satisfaction of having tasted an authentic coffee of the gods.