Danger of drinking coffee after waking up


Coffee drinking habits have taken root in the mechanism of starting a morning routine in many people. Many things are more related to the habit or romantic memories surrounding serving and enjoying coffee in the morning. Inhaling a cup of hot caffeine, with a piece of sweet cake can even be a form of devotion, respect and compassion of a wife to her husband. But actually drinking coffee directly after waking up has a negative impact on health. What are they ? Please refer to the article we searched from the independent page.

The Dangers of Waking Up Sleep Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee immediately after waking up, turned out to be somewhat counter-productive. Not only will the body react differently to caffeine but it also tends to make the body less digesting certain nutrients or medications. So the effects of drugs or the benefits of food for the body to be reduced.

Our body produces the hormone cortisol, or stress hormone because it occurs when we experience fear or experience stress. However, this hormone cortisol was set the natural cycle of the body to help awaken and ordered the body to sleep. The more cortisol hormone released by the body, the more the person is awake. Conversely lower, the more the impulse to fall asleep. That is why people in a state of stress, fear or depression even more difficult to sleep.

Naturally, in the morning, especially when just getting up from sleep, the body produces more cortisol hormone in order to make the body owner awake to do the activity. Directly related to drinking coffee when just waking up is, the negative impact of coffee on the production of cortisol hormone occurs. There are two basic problems consuming caffeine during high cortisol production. First, caffeine tends to disrupt the production of cortisol. Caffeine causes the body to reduce the production of the hormone cortisol and become more dependent on caffeine to keep the body owner awake or ready to perform the activity.

The second problem is, drinking coffee at the time of high cortisol production makes our body increase tolerance to caffeine, causing the impact of stimulants. That’s why coffee drinkers at times of high cortisol, unwittingly, increase their caffeine levels over time. What actually happens is the body becomes dependent on caffeine rather than cortisol that can be produced alone.

When is the best time to drink coffee?

There are three times when the production of cortisol increases naturally. That is, in the morning, at noon, and late in the evening. From the natural pattern of the body can be concluded that the time to drink the most appropriate coffee is between the hours of 9 am to 11 noon and between the hours of 14 to 17 pm. At that time the production of cortisol decreases so that the body may need a booster of caffeine to remain excited. Well after knowing this, it’s good we change the pattern of time drinking coffee habit to maintain body balance.