Healthy Coffe, instant coffee 

Differences between instant coffee and ground coffee

Coffee. It is one of the most consumed drinks in the world, for its flavor and aroma. In addition, various scientific studies have shown that it can benefit health because of the type and amount of compounds it contains, especially antioxidants. These help prevent certain degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, some types of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among others. One of the advantages of coffee antioxidants is that they do not lose their properties even after four hours of brewing it, even when mixed with milk.

Drinking two cups of coffee a day stimulates brain functions (memory, attention and concentration), increases physical energy without creating dependency, improves mood, increases school performance and does not cause weight gain.

In short talk about the benefits of coffee would extend us.
There are differences between instant coffee and ground coffee that must be taken into account.


  • The ground coffee retains its pure form, with natural, non-industrialized extraction.
  • While instant coffee has an industrialized process aided by chemicals to preserve it longer.
  • The ground coffee is made with high quality grains “In most cases” (Consumable products)
  • Unlike instant coffee it is mixed with high and low quality grains.

In comparison to instant coffee, ground coffee further increases the sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that synthesizes sugar at the cellular level. If we have a habitual consumption of ground coffee, the insulin in the body works better and we have a better control of the amount of sugar in the blood.

The myth that if the coffee is completely false in ground coffee, does not cause osteoporosis, does not cause any damage to the bones, does not raise the risk of developing any calcium deficiency.

Ground coffee maintains all its biological characteristics by having natural processes of harvesting and processing.

Unlike instant coffee that is prepared with highly industrialized methods.

Ground coffee has no negative relationship with cancer, on the contrary all positive. It has a higher percentage of substances like antioxidants that protect against cell damage and decrease the risk of cancer. If you consume it all your life, you will have extra protection against the risk of developing cancer, this is in fully tested research.

You can not ensure the same potential of ground coffee bought with instant coffee, its antioxidants obviously act the same but are accompanied by many chemicals to preserve it for longer which reduces the percentage of health benefits.

The ground coffee also conserves the culture and regions of a country.

To consider:

Coffee in general provides excellent health benefits, and drinking this liquid does not imply getting close to habits such as smoking, alcoholism, etc. However any excess is harmful, you have to be cautious with the companions (sugar) to prepare an excellent cup of coffee with the benefits it offers.