Does Cost Matter In Rehab Success?

There is no doubt that some rehabs can be costly. Price can vary greatly from center to center. Some centers may be government or charity run and cost very little or nothing for treatment. Other facilities are considered to be “affordable,” which means that while there is a charge for treatment, it is kept as reasonable as possible. Other rehab facilities are considered to be “luxury” or “celebrity-type” rehabs. These usually have exorbitant prices and are posh beyond measure. Though, the choice of a rehab is usually based on desire, financial limitations must be considered when making the choice, leaving many to wonder, “Does cost really matter in rehab success?”


For some, free treatment is the only option available and is worth attempting when there is no other option. In fact, some admitted to these centers may receive special funding to relocate them to a professional treatment center for more personalized care. Though rare, it can happen. These centers are generally set up as a hospital/clinic and usually focus on fixing the problem not treating the person. Bed numbers are high and individual treatment is rare.


Affordable rehab centers have a lower number of beds, allowing for personalized and individualized treatment. They also can more readily focus on the client’s addiction, and address how the stronghold can be broken by transforming the client first and foremost. Residential housing and real life experiences allow for easier integration back to real-life when treatment is over. Intensive therapy also helps to break the cycle of addiction. Helping the person feel whole again is the focus of this highly effective type of treatment.

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This is an over-the-top, expensive rehab that is out of reach for the average person. This is usually reserved for celebrities or those with unlimited budgets. Though it may sound wonderful, it rarely is the best treatment for the average client. It’s not set up with real-life experiences to help the client integrate back to normal life when treatment is over.

Though all rehabs have their place in recovery, it’s readily agreed that affordable rehabs generally meet the needs of their clients the best. Most offer clients an option to click this link to learn more about their centers, their programs and the amenities they offer.