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Spine Pain Management Techniques

Pain management experts usually face many patients how wish to have their spinal pains attended to. This is normal. Many people suffer from back pain at any given time. It is what has resulted in many cases of disability in the entire world. When you help your patients to find ways to make the pain go away, they shall appreciate this more. This pain has led them to live substandard lives in terms of quality.

People tend to pain in different ways. You thus need to know what kind of pain management tools are at your disposal. There are three main methods you can use.

You shall have session that last up to an hour per week with the patient when it comes to conservative techniques. This time is enough for you to do a lot for the patient. Make the patient know that pain management does not stop once the hour is over, but is a continuous process. Patients are thus advised to employ the conservative techniques. They have a choice of aerobic exercise, swimming, Pilates, yoga, and cycling. These are cardiovascular exercise that usually produce great physical and mental effect in the patients. These exercises are also easy on the back. Yoga and Pilates also build muscles, improve flexibility and improve your balance. This makes for a strong spine. These methods work for anyone with mild spine pain. In case your pain is severe, you need to stay away from such exercises.

Mind techniques are based on the idea that pain may just be mental games. Therefore, some mind techniques can be applied to solve this. You can focus your attention to a nonpainful part of your body. You can also separate your mind from the body. It helps to think of yourself being given a numbing anesthesia injection. This also works with thoughts of painkillers. You can also think of a pleasant place or time.

There are other minimally invasive techniques you can consider. Acupuncture is one such method. It leads to more circulation in those areas. Facet injections usually lead to longer periods of relief by arresting the transmission of pain messages at the facet joints. Epidural steroid injections usually reduce inflammation when injected into the epidural. In cryotherapy, a cold mist is usually sent through the body, and the resultant feelings of refreshment and rejuvenation makes a patient feel better.

You will notice it is hard to manage to find a good method of pain management for your patients. The pain one patient feels is different from another. You may need some time to get the right treatment.

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