How to drink green coffee. Green coffee or coffee green became one of the beverages that have many fans, especially the women. But many of the men consume them for their diet. Green coffee is believed to lose weight quickly without exercise. This is justified show that drinking green coffee (green coffee bean) regularly can lose weight without exercise and diet.

How to eat green coffee or green coffee is correct. Indeed many benefits of this green coffee, by drinking it regularly, you can get health benefits. Apparently the benefits of green coffee to drinkers not only for diet only. But it can also to increase the body’s metabolism, detoxification, and increase energy. Green coffee can also help you in burning fat in the body, so by drinking the right green coffee powerful slimming your body.

There are rules and how to consume green coffee or green coffee is, by drinking the right it will maximize the usefulness for the body, especially in losing your weight. Perhaps some people still do not realize or know that drinking green coffee should be according to the rules and the measure. If just drinking and excessive then cause Side effects for the body. Well, for more details about how to drink the right green coffee.

Rules how to drink green coffee for health and diet

Before knowing how to consume green coffee is good and correct that is, First thing you have to do is make green coffee. You can make your own green coffee at home, which is a pretty easy way by using dried raw coffee beans. Keep in mind how to process green coffee not through roasted or roasted but by boiling it.

Where to buy Green coffee ?. Currently, many green coffee or green coffee products are marketed both online and offline. So you can get it easily. You can also buy it directly in supermarkets, pharmacies, indomaret, and alfamart nearby. Usually this green coffee product in the form of packing powder. For the price of green coffee that the market varies according to product type such as green coffee and others.

How to drink green coffee

How to drink right green coffee to lose weight (Diet) Back to the topic how to drink green coffee (green coffee) is right by the rules?  For green coffee on the market there is usually a rule how to drink or how to use it. Usually the label how to drink green coffee and the dose is behind the packaging.

If you intend to make your own green coffee then the first thing to do is buy green coffee beans (green coffee bean) in stores, supermarkets or other places. Then you can grind it at home to make the powder. How to consume green coffee powder, namely:

  1. Take a teaspoon of green coffee powder that has been powdered with 200 ml hot water or a glass.
  2. Wait until it becomes warm by stirring it to mix well.
  3. Add a lemon juice of 1 teaspoon. To be more delicious you can add 1 tablespoon of honey and mix well.
  4. To maximize the efficacy of green coffee, especially if you want the benefits of green coffee for the diet should not add sugar to the drink.
  5. Drink 2 times a day the morning before meals and nights before bed.

    For how to consume green coffee for  the above diet, it is recommended to consume 30 minutes before breakfast and for the evening after dinner. Easy enough, is not it? Well, that’s the Rules of drinking green coffee or green coffee is the right way to health and how to diet with green coffee. Hopefully this review is useful for all readers and healthy regards.