I Am Going to Lose My Double Chin

Up until nearly a year ago, I weighed twice what I should. I did not want to get super skinny when I lost my weight, so I was really happy when I got down to 135 pounds. At my heaviest, I was nearly 300 pounds, so that was a major accomplishment. I am still young, so my skin has reacted quite well to my weight loss efforts. The only problem area was my chin. I could not lose the extra fat that was there, no matter what I tried. When I first heard about Denver Kybella for people like me, I had no idea what it even meant.

It did not take me long to get educated on it though. It is a medication that gets injected into a person, and it helps them to remove the excess fat that is often stubborn to be removed any other way. I knew that there was liposuction, but I had read about that too. It was just not something that I was comfortable with, especially since I would have to miss some work because of the surgery that would be involved. I would also have marks that this was done.

Sure, they would fade over time, but I would not even have that problem with the Kybella procedure. I learned as much as I could about it so I would not be stuck with any surprises. It really is a simple to understand procedure. The medication attacks the fat cells. Once they are destroyed, it is impossible for them to return. It does not take long, it is not surgical at all, and there is no noticeable signs that this was done, with the exception of no longer having a double chin. That is something that really appealed to me, and I am scheduled to go in next week to have it started!

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