Is it Really Dangerous White Coffee

The white coffee that is currently Famous called dangerous. Is that right? White coffee (white coffee) in the packaging widely circulated in the community. Now some coffee producers try a new way to market their products that offer different variants of white coffee. That way, we do not need to queue at the famous coffee shop just for a cup of white coffee.

After more than a year in circulation, the so-called white coffee is not derived from the type of white coffee that makes the color be like that. The news circulated through the chain messages in Blackberry Messenger also mentioned the name of an Agricultural Expert and Chairman of Research Institute University of Jember , East Java which

states that the white color was obtained from sugar extracts or extracted vegetable oils.
A cup of coffee for some people becomes a primary need. Coffee becomes a friend to start and end daily activities. Currently even many people who are willing to not eat origin can drink coffee. Lately some coffee variants appear. In addition to black coffee, now appears white coffee or white coffee is popular community. Some reason, consume white coffee more safe for the stomach and health. Is that true?

Coffee itself is essentially halal because it is produced from plants. However, in terms of good  for the body, it is good to limit the consumption of drinking coffee. Both black coffee and white coffee. In addition, coffee also contains magnesium and chromium. Chromium in some studies is known to help in controlling blood sugar. If you want to consume white coffee do not add milk because it will cause disorders in digestion. If consume excessive white coffee or black coffee can increase the risk of increased blood pressure, heart rate, and others. “The process of manufacture also does not meet health standards, roasted coffee with a small temperature, so the content of caffeine and acid does not go down.This is done so that the color of the resulting powder is not too black,” white coffee is not good for health, .