Higher coffee consumption growth in Indonesia, led to instant coffee products that are now exploding in the market. Instant coffee offers the ease of serving, and especially, the affordable price. Although coffee can stimulate memory performance in the brain, people need to be careful in consuming instant coffee. Instant coffee contains sweetener with a strong flavor that actually reduces the main benefits of the coffee.

“The composition of sugar and milk in instant coffee is more than coffee. So, this even closes the original quality of coffee. Instant coffee is generally made of robusta coffee is widely produced in Indonesia. Coffee types are generally sold cheaper than arabica coffee. Making robusta use is the main reason for instant coffee producers. sometimes manufacturers do not even pay attention to the quality of robusta coffee they use, to suppress the price of production. As a result, the quality of coffee produced was instant all-round.

Instant crops hunted by society today have far greater impact on public health. The risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease is a major threat to instant coffee lovers. Good quality coffee, beneficial to brain health and as an anti-depressant drug. Coffee with caffeine content of less than 1.5 percent, also often used to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Instant coffee is bad for health especially if consumed regularly. Because too often consume instant coffee can increase the chances of diabetes. It is known that instant coffee generally contains sugar or artificial sweetener which of course adversely affects if the body receives excessive sugar intake.

The artificial sweetener itself will generally taste as sweet on the tongue but its energy can not match the original sugar. Our bodies are too smart to be lied to, so the body will actually send signals to the brain and the brain asking us to add more sugar. Fresh taste while enjoying instant coffee in fact only last about 20 minutes, then you will feel the need to return. The dangers of instant coffee do not stop there. Because it is certain other content in instant coffee will also increase in your body.

You will have excess caffeine. Excess caffeine content in the body can increase the risk of heart disease. Some other health disorders can also arise because the content of caffeine in the body is too high. Your age is young, productive, and can work extra hard, certainly will not ignore this threat. Health is a matter where the level of urgency is very low. Not sick yes yet care. Sugar, caffeine, creammer, another one that is suitable to complement this deadly composition, cigarettes. How delicious to sip coffee while smoking. Anything worse?

Collaborate with the habit of staying up. Coffee, cigarettes while sitting for hours staying up late and rarely drinking water. Do not be surprised if there is a blood vessel blockage slowly. The more cups, the more excited you are, the stronger you stay up to 2 nights? Of course you do not care that your increased adrenaline is the same to make your heart and kidneys performance harder.