The story behind Espresso coffee

Her name is espresso. This is a very fine ground coffee that is packaged into a portafilter and put into an espresso machine. Water heated to 190-197 degrees Fahrenheit is pressed below 8-10 atmospheric pressure through a fine coffee portafilter to produce 1-2 ounces of espresso. A good way to tell if your espresso is high quality or can not be seen from the color and consistency of the cream. If you add sugar, pour over cream for 15-30 seconds.

Coffee as we know it is the most popular drink in almost every corner of the world from all kinds of coffee, which is identical to a black drink, tastes bitter if not used sweetener in the mixture. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine compounds (hence coffee tastes bitter) which is usually found in tea as well. Caffeine compounds can stimulate our body to ward off temporary drowsiness, so many people who want to not sleep in some way by drinking this coffee. Coffee types vary, some of which are Espresso Coffee, cappuccino, latte, mongoose, mocha and so forth, each coffee has a different flavor and aroma and the way it is served.

Espresso Coffee is one of the most favorite coffee in the world, this coffee is famous for coffee that is not filtered but does not have coffee grounds because it is espresso coffee is very popular, this coffee was first developed in the country of Italy. How to make this coffee is very easy, just by choosing some selected coffee beans and roasted until the coffee turns dark brown (not too black), after it is ground more finely than the usual coffee beans. The most important thing in making this espresso coffee is the cooking process, because it must use electric steam engine for the creation of high quality espresso coffee.

Espresso coffee, in addition to having a compound of caffeine, also has some other advantages contained in the coffee is very useful for our bodies, according to research conducted by the health service in the Scottish country found that espresso coffee can prevent a person from the outbreak of heart disease, as well as in One of the world’s famous universities Harvard they have analyzed that the content of this espresso coffee can reduce a person’s risk of diabetes. But in addition to the advantages of this type of coffee also has another deficiency that contains compounds that can increase cholesterol levels cholesterol in the human body. As a coffee connoisseur, surely you must know the advantages and disadvantages of what is contained in the coffee.

Due to the high demand of this espresso coffee, coffee business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. So at this time many ways to be able to make this espresso coffee, without having to go all the way out of the house just to enjoy a cup of Espresso Coffee, now available various types of espresso coffee in various ways either ready to drink, or the presentation by the way Brewed with hot water at home that you can enjoy at any time.