Treatment of Spine with Hands

In the past few weeks, chiropractic methods have suddenly become popular on social media. Not because there is a new therapy introduced, but because of the death of a young woman after the therapy.

Therapy introduced in the United States since 1895 by Daniel David Palmer is actually a mainstay therapy for those who have a backbone disorder.

The word chiropractic itself comes from the Greek language which can be interpreted as “done by hand”.

Traditional chiropractic methods of treatment are based on spinal manipulation. Usually done manually or by hand, without any tools, can with massage and emphasize the points that are not right in the spine then corrects it, reduce the pain, and return it to the normal position.

Described by Dr.Mahdian Nur Nasution, neurosurgeon specialist, chiropractic method aims to correct the wrong spine arrangement. Chiropractic is like a massage, but the emphasis is on the bone joint.

There are many different chiropractic techniques. Some chiropractic doctors do joint manipulation only with their hands alone, while others use various instruments in their treatment.

In addition, some bone experts treat the patient with fast but hard manipulation, while others use the light touch.

Most chiropractic techniques are intended to treat the problem of spinal pain, neck, shoulder, or arm disorders. But some chiropractors claim this therapy can be used for general health problems such as colic, asthma, and babies who often cry.

This method is considered more “safe” because it does not use any drugs and tools. However, chiropractic also has a negative side.

In an article in The Guardian, Edzard Ernst, professor of complementary medicine at Peninsula Medical School said that about 50 percent of patients undergoing chiropractic, complain of the side effects of pain in a manipulated location that persists for more than a day.

“In addition to these side effects, we had about 500-700 cases of reported severe complications,” said Ernst who collected data on 60 randomized chiropractic therapy between January 2000 and July 2011.

Extreme chiropractic movements in the neck can cause arteries to collapse and cause the stroke. In fact, some neurologists see a stroke and it is related to chiropractic. Unfortunately, most cases are not reported.

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