How to Treat Excessive Hair Loss

Loss is one of the most complained of hair problems and very disturbing for some people who experience hair problems this one. Moreover, if the hair loss is very exaggerated, the beauty of the hair will also be greatly disturbed.

Certainly has healthy hair and bushy is everybody’s dream either women or men. So do not be surprised if many people are looking for ways to treat excessive hair loss to overcome the problem of the collapse of the hair. The cause of hair loss is a mistake choosing a shampoo that does not comply with the conditions of the scalp and also the type of person who experienced prolonged stress. Choose a Hair Loss Shampoo which is contain substances with Procapil which is works as effectively without the side effects, harsh chemicals, or smell. Not the same with Minoxidil that can generally well tolerated, but some common side effects include burning or irritation of the eye, itching, redness or irritation at the treated area, as well as unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body have been reported.

It also things that can cause hair loss is how to care for hair that is not good and true. So slowly the hair will experience hair problems are gradually starting from dandruff hair, loss and if on leave, it can lead to baldness.

Here are some ways to treat excessive hair loss is very disturbing appearance and reduce your confidence. Relax, all issues must have the answer, here’s how to treat excessive hair loss that you can use.

How to Treat Excessive Hair Loss Naturally

Aloe vera

As has been known for a long time that the plant which one contains very good for maintaining healthy hair. The content of vitamins and minerals that a lot of the aloe vera can be used as a way to treat excessive hair loss that will nourish the hair and can keep the scalp healthy. You only have to set some stem aloe vera, aloe vera gel and then take it earlier. After that, make aloe vera gel instead of shampoo each time you want to wash your hair.

Celery leaves

How to treat excessive hair loss that will subsequently be used are celery, celery why? Because this leaves contain vitamins that are beneficial to nourish the hair and stimulate hair growth to be more healthy such as vitamin A, iron, sodium, calcium and vitamin B, except that the compound will make your hair become more shiny and strong. How to apply almost the same way that in use on aloe vera, which is made as a substitute for shampoo.


Ginger is one plant that has many health properties such as cold medicine used and also how to treat excessive hair loss. Perhaps not many people know about the benefits of ginger this one. The trick which is with peeling and cleaning the ginger and ginger puree with the way in a blender with garlic (both materials have the same functionality) then smeared evenly on your hair and wash thoroughly.

Green tea

Green tea in addition to hair loss, this plant can also be used as hair loss drugs that can increase hair growth because the green has a very high content of antioxidants and essential for hair health. How to make it very easy, we just need to set up two bags of green tea and brewed with hot water. After that, apply the green tea was steeping into the hair and scalp evenly. And let stand for about an hour, then rinse hair thoroughly.

Shallots, White and Ginger

If you want to treat hair loss with ingredients as simple as with onion, garlic and ginger. I enter the third natural ingredients into a blender and then in the mix with water and create become juice. Then apply on your hair loss is experienced evenly and leave for the night, the next day rinse the hair and wash it with shampoo and gentlemen, that aroma of the onion odor disappears.

doing Massaging

The next step how to treat excessive hair loss is very easy to do massage gently on the scalp. And massage will help stimulate blood circulation and can help keep the hair follicle in order to remain active. Moreover, if the massage is done by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil, sesame oil or almond oil in a massage. And if the massage itself is not bias you do, ask for help from others who have experienced, in order to get results in the maximum as well as you wish.

That’s the way to treat excessive hair loss which may help you to overcome them.

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