Semarang, Town of Lumpia

Semarang is known as a city that has a wealth of culinary heritage so shake up the tongue. In fact, the capital of Central Java province as the City is familiar with the spring rolls, snacks typical name that is very delicious. Materials or ingredients used in the processing of culinary Semarang, on average using traditional recipes, so full of vitamins and healthy. In addition it seems okay, the price is also very familiar, and not too expensive.

  1. Lumpia
    Not many people know, if true spring rolls are food origin from China. If you pass into Jalan MT Haryono Semarang, many shops spring rolls were writing on the billboard of his “Loenpia” or “Lionpia”. No wonder, because this food is coming from China and has become an icon of traditional foods Semarang. Bamboo shoots as the main base material contents, eggs, shrimp or chicken as a complement to offset the strong aroma of bamboo shoots, then wrapped with a skin made from wheat flour.
    There some lumpia mini too in Semarang, try some and you will like it.

    There are 4 spot famous in Semarang, among others Jl. Lombok, Jl. Pemuda, Jl. Mataram (MT Haryono) and Jl Pandanaran. Each has a characteristic, but the oldest is in Jl Lombok No 11 near Tay Kak Sie temple; which is now the third generation to manage it. This can be eaten dry spring rolls are fried or fried not soggy. So for those who are dieting wet spring rolls could be an option.

  2. Soto Bangkong
    Soto Bangkong Pak Sholeh an important option if you are in Semarang. It feels incomplete if it did not taste the typical soup from the bowl. The clear broth tempting. Shades of brown with a little soy sauce, add fresh. The contents of this soup is the shredded chicken meat, bean sprouts, tomatoes chives. Food sideline to watch if we had had high cholesterol and egg shells are skewers of quail. But there are other options such as cakes, tofu and tempeh. There is also the chicken satay, containing meat. Leave skin and offal, if you want to discipline your healthy lifestyle. Overall taste this soup is unique because a sprinkling of garlic fries, which gives the feel of savory. Please stop by to Jl Brig Katamso No. 1 Semarang.

  3. Nasi Gandul
    The origin of this food is actually from Pati, approximately 70 kilometers from the city of Semarang. However, rice gandul this one is already very famous in Semarang as one food that is always found in the celebration events. The rice is watered clear broth with thin coconut milk chocolate containing chunks of beef and offal, provide a sweet taste tasteful. The food comes with fried tempeh, chilli and lime. The sauce is more like a stew but not soupy. Gandul word origin obtained from rice seller habits are hawking wares by hanging (Gandul) cauldron time around.

  4. Pong Tofu
    Which makes the typical tofu this is a way of eating that is dipped into soy sauce with seasoning paste. Pong tofu not eaten alone, but with dreadlocks shrimp or some sort bakwan with thick flour fried and boiled eggs. These snacks should be eaten when hot.

  5. Gimbal Tofu
    Much like the idea pong, except to tofu this gimbal smothered in peanut sauce and paste. Named dreadlocks because the food contents are gimbal shrimp, bean sprouts, fried egg, shredded cabbage and rice cake. Its uniqueness can be seen when the seller prepare this dish, which is usually in the Tofu and Gimbal scissors do not cut.
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