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How to Keep Your Tongue Healthy The tongue may not be that pretty compared to other parts of your body but you still need to keep it clean and healthy. Dental hygiene is very important and the tongue is very important for the dental hygiene. You have a few tasks to do every day or occasionally to keep your tongue healthy. The discussion below shall concentrate on these things but is also important to understand why a healthy tongue is important. Remember that everything you consume goes through your mouth first. Having a clean tongue ensures that you do not ingest bacteria while taking your food. An unclean tongue can also be a breeding ground for infections diseases causing germs in your mouth. Consequently, a clear tongue contributes immensely to your dental health and your general health. Some food particles are left on your papillae after eating food. This means that the surface of your tongue can harbor a lot of bacteria. These trapped germs and bacteria can lead to bad breath as well as affect your sense of taste. To avoid all this, you have to clean your tongue regularly. You can achieve this by ensuring that every time you brush your teeth, you also clean your tongue with the brush. The best way to do it is to use your brush to clean both the front and back part. Another way to maintain the hygiene of your tongue is through the use of a tongue scraper. A scraper can thoroughly clean your tongue. The scraper is made of a soft, flexible plastic that gently peels the thin mucus layer of debris from your tongue. Make sure that you use the scraper gently to avoid injuring your tongue. You are also advised to concentrate on the middle part of your tongue where most of the odor-causing bacteria lie.
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Other than brushing and scraping your tongue, try to use a mouth wash to clean your who mouth. Other than cleaning your mouth and removing bacteria on the teeth, mouth wash also gets rid of bacteria on the surface of the tongue. If you are going to use mouth wash, it is better to use the one that has chloride dioxide and Listerine which are very effective in getting rid of bacteria. You also need to go for regular check-ups with your dentist. This is important in identifying any mouth disease that could be causing discomfort or bad odor. A good dentist can inspect your teeth and tell you where the problem is thus ensuring that you are in the best shape possible. You should also avoid tongue jewelry which can hurt your tongue, the process of piercing the tongue and putting the jewelry has been known to damage nerves.8 Lessons Learned: Dentists

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