Teen Health Center

By way of her operate with the Baylor Teen Health Clinic, Dr. Peggy Smith has won a variety of awards more than the years. Bipolar Disorder : This brochure produced by the National Institute of Mental Wellness involves detailed information about bipolar disorder in young children and teens. Teen Social Anxiety Disorder : Social anxiety disorder is an intense fear of social environments, which includes performing in front of an audience or participating in massive group activities. Parents need to have to be present in their children’s lives and not blame the media for all their problems. I’ve been writing about Worst Media Messaging for a couple of months, but nowhere close to what you’ve accomplished. You can also market tween and teen health by encouraging your child to eat healthful foods.

The articles discuss self-image, bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, statistics, indicators, causes, prevention, and treatment. Scarleteen: Sex Ed for the True Planet : A enjoyable website to navigate through, Scarleteen supplies basic sex health data and answers to common questions for teens, which includes anatomy and safer sex. You can learn about causes, warning indicators, prevention, how to deal with teen depression, and antidepressants.

Till I fell pregnant with number 2. For a lot of that pregnancy I was DEEPly grateful for Television which my son watched way also considerably of. Due to the fact of lots of difficulties afterwards, my 2nd son ended up watching lots more Tv than the very first. Preventing Teen Suicide : The American Academy of Pediatrics gives a brief but valuable resource on some things you must know about preventing teenage suicide.

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Nutrition for Teens : Here you can find out about the basics of physical exercise, study about tales of teenagers and their nutritional issues, scour by means of an encyclopedia of teenage overall health information, and a lot more. We have an obesity epidemic in our nation and the media tends to market and encourage it targeting our kids. The college-primarily based well being center is funded and maintained through a six companion inter-agency coalition. Teens and Tanning : This report, supplied by Medi-Intelligent, talks about why tanning can be harmful for a teenager’s well being.

For more info about the Teen Health Corner, or to make an appointment, contact (231) 258-7791 (Kalkaska) or (231) 369-2000 (Forest Region). Even if there is transportation available, a parent could not be able to get time off from operate to take the pregnant teen to the doctor, delivering the parent is conscious of the pregnancy in the 1st location. With access to education about pregnancy, and clinics obtainable for teens with no wellness insurance, there may be a rise in teens looking for out healthcare care for themselves and their unborn kid. Helping Your Teen with Acne : WebMD offers this extensive resource about teen acne.